Your brand is what other people say about you, when you are not in the room.

Net and Paper – when branding matters...

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We are a media production collective pulling talent and cultural influences from three corners of Europe to bring creative and original solutions to your company.

We have an extensive network of subcontractors that we can call upon when a project requires their specific expertise. Our business model allows us to work on a broad spectrum of projects with a wide variety of production methods. In short, there is nothing we cannot do.

Small start-ups. Large corporates.

Everyone is welcome

Adaptability is a big deal for us. It keeps us on our toes and allows us to deliver everything from a straightforward website to a campaign with complex communication requirements. It’s the thing that has enabled us to create successful campaigns for each of the clients on this page. If you’re looking to get your brand noticed, let’s start a conversation. We’d love to share our insights, experience, and expertise with you, and introduce you to our culture – one that’s an uncommon blend of outstanding design, sharp copy and good conversation.


Below are some of the clients Net and Paper have been working for.